Our state-of-the-art research and development facility ensures the design and performance of our products meets changing legislation and utilises the latest in energy-saving technology.

Innovation in Design & Technology

MF Refrigeration is continually focused on ensuring that customer demands are met today and in the future.

Energy and efficiency has and continues to be at the forefront of our product designs. We utilise high-efficiency compressors, EC fans, pumps and refrigerants (R290) that deliver low power consumption and industry-leading low GWP.

Modular Cooling Technology 

We are the industry innovators of modular cooling technology with patents granted. Fully flexible systems are available for market evaluation including interchangeable water-cooled/air-cooled refrigeration modules.

Not only do we provide highly competitive products, we also help our customers reduce energy consumption and ensure efficiency without compromising on performance.

The Latest Technology

At MF Refrigeration, we work collaboratively with industry-leading OEM component/technology suppliers to optimise product innovation.

We work with our customers on bespoke solutions and designs to help them achieve their specific technical objectives.